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What’s With All The Mormon Temples?

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What do Mormons Believe about Temples?

So why do Mormons have so many temples? Over 135 of them all over the world?

Here’s the reason in a nutshell. Mormons believe that you MUST be baptized by someone having authority of the Priesthood to be “saved” (as mainstream Christians would put it). This is a common belief within the Christian community, although the Mormons believe only they have the true authority, since it was lost and “restored” through Joseph Smith.

SO…there are billions of people who have lived on the earth. Most of them have NOT had the opportunity to accept the “true” gospel of Jesus Christ (since it wasn’t even on the earth while they lived), and be baptized by one having the correct authority. God, being a just God, does not condemn a person if they didn’t even have the opportunity to hear the correct teachings of Jesus Christ. So He will give every person who has lived on the earth that opportunity, whether in this life or after they die, to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

IF they accept it, they still need to be baptized, which is an earthly ordinance. That is what is provided for them in the Mormon temples. Mormons do baptisms by proxy for those who have passed on. This means if their deceased loved ones accept the gospel, they will accept the ordinance of baptism provided for them by proxy in the temple.

This doctrine is also why Mormons are the foremost genealogists in the world. It’s because their “hearts are turned to their fathers” as Malachi put it (Malachi 4:6), and they have a deep drive to do the ordinance work for their deceased relatives, all the way back to Adam. To do so takes a LOT of genealogy work, and the Mormons have mastered it.

The following video tells about their temples.

This addresses one of the most asked questions in the world of Christianity: “what happens to those who didn’t get the chance to hear about Jesus?”. There is no provision (or answer) in the Bible that gives them that opportunity after this life. Most Christian Churches hesitantly confess that they are basically condemned, with some of them teaching that God will be “just” with them.

The Mormons have not only come up with an answer. They have built a major portion of their religion around it. The work for their deceased relatives permeates the globe within their temples. And yes, they are even doing the work for YOUR relatives, most likely, in case they accept the gospel as well.

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