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Mormons and the 3 Branches of Christianity

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Are Mormons Christian?

3 Branches of Christian Churches

There are 3 “Branches” of Christianity. All “Christian” denominations fit into one of these 3 branches.


The Catholic Church teaches that it has an “unbroken line of authority” from the Apostle Peter all the way to the current Pope Benedict XVI. This school of thought teaches that the Church that Jesus organized is still on the earth, untainted and unblemished from apostolic times. It teaches that God leads His Church through the Pope (or head apostle, like Peter was). “Authority” is a fundamental tenant of Catholicism, teaching that the authority of the Pope and Priests can be tied directly back to the original Apostles. They believe THEY have the truth.


By far, the majority of the number of Christian denominations today. Protestant Christian Churches ALL have their foundation in the teaching that the Catholic Church was NOT the continued, unblemished Church of Jesus Christ. They teach that the Church was lost through errant doctrines and false teachings through the ages, and that the Church had to be “reformed” to the true teachings of Jesus taught in the Bible. Protestant Christianity recognized ONE authority for doctrine & teachings, and that is the Bible. This movement began the “Reformation” of the Church to correct doctrines in line with scripture, and resulted in thousands of different denominations. Many Protestant Churches teach drastically different things. Most of them, though, teach that if you truly believe in the Jesus of the Bible, you may be saved no matter what denomination of Christianity you attend (with some limits). They believe that THEY have the truth.


The third school of thought in Christianity agrees with the second, that the Catholic Church is NOT the biblical Church continued through the ages. It does not teach, however, that the Church was “reformed” by man into a “correct” Church, suddenly in line with the original Church of Jesus Christ. Restoration Christianity teaches that since the true Church that Jesus organized was “lost”, through the death of the leadership of the ancient Church (the Apostles), it had to be “restored” anew from on high with the original authority and teachings that were at the foundation of the ancient Church. Restoration Churches teach that there was an “apostasy” or falling away from the original Church after the death of the apostles (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3), and the Church was lost in false teachings and lost authority. They teach that the original authority was restored and the Church was brought back completely as it was in the beginning through this “restoration”. They also teach that this period, called the “dark ages”, where the true Church was not found on the earth, was prophesied in the Bible along with the “restoration” of it in the latter days. They believe that THEY have the truth.

Can they all be right? If not, who is right?

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