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Okay – Magic Mormon Underwear?

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in "Odd" Beliefs, Recent | 0 comments

I want to put this topic to bed once and for ALL. I’m going to explain this in a way I don’t hear anyone else doing, but this is the truth.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC MORMON UNDERWEAR! Yes, I wear them. But this whole discussion has been brought about by tabloid reports taking a principle and making it “tabloid newsworthy”.

Here’s the TRUTH about Mormon’s “Magic Underwear” (called temple garments)

The Mormon temple garment is a symbol of a covenant that Mormons make when they go to the temple. It’s not magic. They’re NOT told it has magical powers. They are cloth garments not much different from the ones you see at Costco or Wal-Mart. Boxers and undershirt. Big deal. The wearing of the garment is a symbol that the person is keeping the covenants they made with God.

NOW – here’s the part that gets confused. When a Mormon keeps his or her covenants that they make in the temple, God blesses them and their lives. If they’re living right, the power of God is with them (like you would hear in in ANY religion). That means blessings, miracles, knowledge, spiritual experiences, protection…all the things you would expect you would receive by living the commandments of God.

THAT’S THE MAGIC. The result of what happens in a Mormon’s life by living righteously – NOT the underwear itself.

So stop listening to the tabloid reports of what all of this means. They’re just trying to take something that’s not a story and make it salacious.

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